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Io ID is a cloud-based infrastructure enabling secure, transparent, yet encrypted identity transactions thanks to a decentralised self-sovereign identity solution, a smart KYC solution and a smart KYT solution.

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Io FLOW is a cloud-based payment solution that interconnects and routes transactions through a network of payment service providers and banks.

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Io VAULT is a comprehensive multi-party compution selfcustody technology that offers financial service providers the highest level of security, transparency, and trust for expanding into the emerging digital asset markets.

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Io SIGN is a proprietary asymmetrical cryptography solution that enables all Io users to autonomously generate a private key to sign their transactions, confirming that they are instructed by them, and preventing the data from being altered by anyone once they have been executed.

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Io RISK is a AI-supported risk management application that applies bespoke analytics to produce fine-grained risk score, enhance AML/CFT investigation, and support compliance teams decision-making processes.


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